Sunday, September 02, 2012

Home At Last!

Back home and am writing this post from my computer instead of my phone!

Yesterday we ventured to the Westbank because I needed to pick up a prescription from Target. After navigating Target's automated phone system I managed to talk to a person to confirm the store was indeed open. Power over on the WB was spotty too. Didn't see much open on Manhattan Ave. and the traffic lights worked up until Whitney Blvd. The pharmacist at Target told us they were running generators. Must be some serious generators to power up a whole Target with AC and food coolers. We got what we needed and headed back to our house. The power at the bridge must have been down because they were not collecting tolls, unless it was because of the "state of emergency" we were under. Greg cleaned up more debris in the yard and emptied refrigerators. Our can was already full so I had to "borrow" space in neighbors cans.

We headed back to our cousins for showers and AC. Friends called asking to borrow our air mattresses. The power was on at her office and they were going to sleep there if the power at their house didn't come back on. We met them at our house to give them the mattresses, then met up with the Seminole Club people to watch the FSU game at a restaurant (FSU creamed Murry State 69-3!). During the game a neighbor called to tell us the power was back on. We stopped by our house after the game to discover no power. A few friends has posted on Facebook that their power had been restored only to have it go away 10 minutes later. We checked on the cats and house when our power came back on. We had already decided to stay with our cousins again so there was no reason to chance it and headed back to their place.

We are back home now, getting everything out back into place, doing some cleaning, washing towels that were used to sop up rain water. Need to go to the grocery, but so does everyone else who got power last night so I'll wait a little while. Just so happy to be safe and back home!