Saturday, May 17, 2008

While most of you will be snoozing in your beds tomorrow morning, I will be boarding a 6am (!!!) flight to Boston. I love my husband, so I'm taking a cab to the airport. I'll be attending a graphic design conference and then G will join me on Wednesday. Thursday we celebrate 5 years of marriage. We wanted to go back to Scotland where we were married, but due to financial concerns, we are staying on this side of the pond. *sigh*

I was looking forward to escaping the heat, but what heat? It's gorgeous outside today! I don't want to stay indoors, doing laundry and packing... I do need to tend to my garden and plants though so some outdoor time is required. Maybe hit the Symphony book sale being held at my former place of employment, Delgado Community College. I was teaching full time until I started my design studio. I still taught a class a semester but they haven't needed me since Katrina. I miss teaching. I don't miss grades, grading and paperwork. I couldn't hang with the bureaucracy when I was full-time. Being an adjunct is nice - you show up, teach, leave. Working with the students is the best part (most of the time).

Gonzo woke me up at 6 this morning, crazy cat. We think the cool weather has turn her crazy dial up to 11. She's bouncing off the walls more than usual. Only good thing is it's only 9:18 and I've caught up on the blogs and even done a post. I'll be back next week y'all. I wonder what the Bahston equivalent to y'all is?


Adrastos said...

Have a great trip, C. We're hitting the book sale noonish.

Dr. A said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in Boston!
Happy Anniversary!