Thursday, May 29, 2008

We're back. Tired and broke but had a great time. I'm going to save the trip description until I can get photos up.

You may recall the "beer incident" with my former camera. I starting doing research because I wanted a camera for the Boston trip. I found the one I wanted at a good price on Ebay. It was over a week before the trip so I should have in in plenty of time. Wrong. I almost canceled the order - I told them if it was delivered by May 20 I wouldn't cancel. It arrive The 21st, the day G was traveling to meet me. #!!%*. I bought a disposable digital from CVS and hope the pics look OK. I fired up the new camera today and took a few pics of the kitties but the flash was too bright. I've very happy to have a camera again. I'm a gadget geek I'll admit it. Not sure what this week's Photo Challenge theme is...

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