Monday, May 05, 2008

Every JazzFest experience is completely different based on weather, crowds, bands and who you are with. Yesterday, G and I took with us G’s brother, his g-friend (her first!) and the Mad Irishman. It was a gorgeous, sunny day with clear skies, low humidity, a nice breeze and one hundred billion other people. I’m glad we went early to enjoy the fairgrounds before it became a sea of people. I can’t remember seeing it that crowded in years. The right side of my body is more sunburned that the left since we spent so much time at the Acura stage. And for the first time ever, we didn’t spend any time in the jazz or blue tent. G and I usually cram in as many bands as possible. We’ll stick around if some one really tickles our fancy and if there isn’t someone else we MUST see at the same time (which happens a lot). We were really miffed they scheduled Dumpstafunk at the same time as Galactic – a funk sandwich! – but we made time for both. We were walking, standing or dancing 95% of the time. (we didn’t bring any chairs - doh!) Today I feel like I do after a long hike. I wish I had worn a pedometer so I could tell how many miles we walked. And we only were able to eat once, good choices though: hot sausage po-boy, cochon de lait, softshell crawfish po-boy and Cajun duck po-boy. I hope I don’t sound like I’m whining; I had a fantastic time but dang I’m exhausted! Having fun really takes it out of you as you age. I don’t know how people who go every day do it. I guess they pace themselves better. I think I’ll slip out of work early. I need to rest up for Wednesday at the Square. “Too stupid to stop!”


D said...

Ha ha ha!
And my left side was sunburned because we were at the Fais do do and Gentilly stages on Saturday!And I had obviously sweated off my sunblock.
And, hard music choices to be made as usual!
Yes, it was fantastic, but one day wipes me out....can't imagine how I used to do 3 in a row! (Oh yeah -I was much younger!)

Adrastos said...

OMG, Jazzfest with Scott and Ian. What a scary concept...