Friday, August 31, 2012

Issac Aftermath part 2

Got mail delivered today. Was hoping trash would be picked up but no. Power still out but saw trucks around. Walked up Magazine Street to Jefferson-no power. PJ's had iced coffee so we both got one and walked back home. Our neighbor Bill left a copy of today's paper for us.

Cleaned the yard up and the house. Leaves everywhere. And hung the towels we used to sop up water blown through windows up to dry. Our friend Dr. A invited us to come hang out at her office that had AC. We really needed that. I even fell asleep sitting in the chair! So tired and the heat really saps your energy.

Got home to the past three days of newspapers on our steps. Now resting comfortably at our cousins' who have power. Looking forward to a good, cool night's sleep. Reading the Twitter posts more power has been restored even in the past few hours! As we're we leaving our neighbor pulled up. He had just returned from Baton Rouge to buy a generator. Now I know our power will get restored soon!!

Isaac Aftermath

We are still without power much like many of our friends. We had some people over yesterday so we could grill the uncooked meat in our freezers. We had burgers, pork chops, pork loin, turkey breast, tuna and salmon. Today we need to clean out the fridge. The freezers are still good and cold. We filled up containers of water and stuck them in the freezer to freeze before the storm hit. It keeps it colder much longer. Being with out power, we have missed the overblown drama of the weather channel and CNN - this gleamed from other peoples posts. We are really only aware of our area and friends and neighbors. We haven't driven anywhere yet, to stay out of the way of the clean up efforts. Today we'll go for a walk again to see what's open and what's going on. Twitter has been a great source of info. I've never been on it is as much as the past few days. The skies have cleared so that means its going to get hot. Fun.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Issac part 2

Been trying to stay busy and work on my photo album from my wedding. We got married in 2003. Better late than never. But I can't sit still. Rain has stopped but wind still blowing with gusts.

It's pretty hot and sticky so I opened the door on our side porch that's covered to get some air movement.

G walked around to check house. Looking good. Here's a shot of him securing our gate. You can see the downed power line hanging off the dumpster. Glad we moved our cars otherwise the line would have fallen on them.

Bad flooding south of us but no reports of any major flooding in the city. I highly recommend solar powered stuff. We have 2 radios and this phone charger. Works good during the day. City is now under dusk to dawn curfew and we've been asked to limit flushing due to sewerage issues. Water is fine.

I'm keeping in the loop on WWL radio, and Twitter. Signing off for now.

Hurricane Issac

Today marks the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the Federal Flood. We are spending the day in the dark, listening to Hurricane Issac whip wind and rain around. Big gusts of winds but thankfully no flooding by us in the Irish Channel.

Our cats Gonzo and Harold seem confused. This is Harold's first hurricane, Gonzo's second. Hana, our our 12 year old cat, is snoozing peacefully on the bed. She's been through this a number of times.

So here we hunker waiting for Issac to move on.