Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I've been sucked into the world of FaceBook (would that be called sucking face?). I got a MySpace page so I could read a friend's blog after Katrina (good excuse) and found a few other friends on there. But it's so clunky and lame. Other friends would tell me "Come over to Facebook. It's nicer over here." I resisted. I already have too much computer related stuff with my various blogs, trying to read everyone else's blogs, email, IM, etc. Friday was a slow day at work - I told all my clients I was going to JazzFest and then ended up not - so I spent several hours playing on Facebook. It is much nicer than MySpace. And I found a few friends I had lost touch with. I didn't really bother filling out all the "What are your interests/favorite movies/music" kind of stuff. A) there is too much good stuff to list, b) I'm lazy, c) I'm only allowing friends who know me see my page and they already know what I'm all about. One thing I could never answer was "Who are your heroes?" We all have heroes don't we? Someone we look up to. I guess I do but I never really thought about it. Well. I am happy to announce one of my heroes... Salty Miss Jill! I stumbled onto her blog and was impressed with her wit, cleverness and major snarkiness. I'd love to hear a conversation betwix her, Adrastros and Jeffery, with all their different styles of snark and kvetching.


Dave said...

Be sure to sign up for Scrabulous!

NOLA Cleophatra said...

Dave, what have you done? I'm HOOKED!

Oh yeah and I'm winning! (for now)

Salty Miss Jill said...

Oh my...your praise is merely a reflection, I'm sure. :) Pretty high standards to live up to on my end...I'd best get to work!
You've got a Big New Fan here, too, lady.