Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ah crap. Most of today wasn’t all that bad. But it was too quiet at work and I didn’t have enough to do and clients weren’t getting back to me with the answers I needed. I was antsy so took a nice walk around Audubon park after work. When I got home I needed to disarm the alarm but my mind went blank. I couldn’t remember the freakin’ code! I hoped instinct would kick in and I punched in some numbers. Wrong. Nope. Not it. Sorry, try again. WHOOOP WHOOOP WHOOOP The cats freak out and run around trying to escape the ear splitting noise. I’m starting panic. What is the damn code? Where do I have it written down. Let’s see it was in my Palm but I lost that a few month ago. ARGH. Numbers popped into my head, but was that really the code? I punch it in YES! Thankyouthnakyouthankyou. The monitoring company calls “Is everything OK” we go through the routine. I’m actually shaking. After I take a shower I listen to the message on the answering machine. It’s Canon calling to let me know they cannot repair my camera due to the liquid damage. They were sending my camera back unrepaired (what’s the point in that?) with photos of the damage. Just rub it in whydoncha? BAH! That’s it. When G gets home he’s taking me out to dinner. Now which pizza place is it that has the $10 bottle of wine on Wednesdays?

UPDATE: My luck is turning! G just got home and handed me something my friend asked him to give me. It's a HUGE "Pirates of the Carribbean movie poster! Johnny Depps's face is like twice life-size! mmmmmmm

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