Friday, December 12, 2008

Festivus on Freret

This Saturday the Freret Market is having "Freretstivus" with double the vendors, double the free music and Festivus Festivities. So bundle up and come support local vendors and bands.

Saturday December 13th from Noon to 5 pm on Freret between Napoleon and Valence
Join us around the Festivus Pole, Airing (and reading) of Grievances, gift exchange, Flattery Booth, Insult Booth, and the Mighty Feats of Strength--See how many Big Easy Rollergirls can you pull on a rope?

Also featuring 130 Vendors with local art, food, produce, craft and junk, plus six bands for free on two stages.

Market Stage
The Space Heaters at Noon
String Beans at 1:45
Billy Iuso and Restless Natives at 3:30

Freret Stage
Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots at Noon
Viva! Los Americanos at 1:45
Los Poboycitos at 3:30

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's Big News Item

It's snowed this morning! Honest to goodness snow. G wasn't as impressed at first having grown up in New Jersey, however I was excited - I'm from Florida and can probably count on one hand the number of time I've been in snow. It was raining this morning and as I was making some breakfast I noticed the rain was different. It had started sleeting. After about 20 minutes of that it was full on snow. Then G was impressed. We drove to work together and the snow was amazing. I walked around by my office and took more pictures since the snow was starting to accumalate. Around 10:30am it turned back to sleet and now it's just melting. Boo hoo.

Our house, in the snow!

G throwing a snowball at me.

My friend's house. Such a pretty picture!

The cemetery by my office.

The last time it snowed was Christmas day 2004. We missed it because we were in Baton Rouge and they didn't get snow. Has hell freezed over? Is it because Dollar Bill Jefferson was finally defeated? Someone on said it means the Saints are going to the superbowl (riiiight). An other momentous, weather related even happened 8 months after the last snowfall... I hope history doen't repeat itself.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Here's the other side of the renovated house on our street. There's a gate so this is close as I can get. There's another set of French doors you can't see. Such a cute side gallery!
Today has been one of those days when I really love my neighborhood. G and I walked over to the elementary school to cast our votes in today’s election (Congressional seat). We ran into some neighbors from around the corner we hadn’t seen in a while and caught up with them. We then walked up to Magazine Street. We were right by Katy Beh Contemporary Jewelry so we popped in to say hi to Katy. G needed to go to Harry’s Ace Hardware so we walked by there. I continued on because I needed to stop at Breaux Mart to buy some veggies for the soup I wanted to make. Along the way I stopped in Buffalo Exchange and bought a sweater. Walking back from the grocery, I stopped in a relatively new store “Francesca’s.” I’m pleased to report that it is not your typical overpriced ladies boutique that only carries size 0 and 2. The sales clerks were friendly and I got some really cute gifts for some people and a new top pour moi. Much like San Fran and NYC, two of my fav cities, you can actually walk to places you want to go. We also have a drug store, Martin Wine Cellar, some great restaurants, bars, coffee houses and a bunch of other shops. Only thing missing is a great bakery and cheese shop. Technically I could walk to St. James and La Boulangerie‎, but it’s a bit more of a hike. The new Border’s opened up and that’s close by too, but I think I’ll make the trip to Octavia Books instead. Remember: buy local for your holiday gift giving and every day!