Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge "Dissolute"

Obviously I didn't shoot this photo... it's on Wikipedia... is that OK?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's that time of the year when you never know how to dress. Will it be cold? Hot? Wet? All of the above in the same day? I'm a fair weather hikers/walker so when it gets nice I like to hit the streets. There is always something interesting to look at. All of these were taken during a 40 minute walk.

Check out His hands...

These people always have something interesting in their yard...
a ?bronze? seal and look waaaaay in the back by the edge of the fence.

I love the giant fry pan.

Awesome typography. I only just now noticed it says "1845-1907"
I'll have to go back and see what it's been the last 101 years.

And it can't be a NOLA blog with out one of these.

All of these were taken on or near this street... can you guess what it is?

Friday, February 22, 2008

This week's Weekly Photo Challenge topic is "slogan" and and the first slogan that popped into my head was the one for the New Orleans gas/meat station Wagner's. Which brings to mind other slogans of other local businesses... like...

"No Credit? You got to see the special man." "Let'er have it" "I say I say I say" LINK (with the new special man)

Not a slogan but a great product name "Boudreaux's Butt Paste"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

We survived Mardi Gras only to be laid low by the flu that seems to be going around. G came down with it Wednesday as did my business partner, and I manged to hold out until Sunday. Neither one of us have been this sick in a long time. Not since our wedding, but that's another story. We are much better but still not 100%. Last weekend we were going to buy a new mattress but both felt too crappy. Yesterday it finally happened. Last time we were in Baton Rouge, we stayed at G's brother and he had a new mattress he bought at Sam's club that was very comfy and only $300. We've felt overwhelmed by the choices of mattresses out there, but after the test drive, we decided we're going to Sam's. We have G's father's pick-up truck so that makes the task easier. We were almost to Sam's when G comment that he was having trouble braking. *gulp* We parked safely in Sam's parking lot and G poked around under the hood. It appeared it was out of brake fluid. Luckily for us there was an Auto Zone across the street. Disaster averted and into the fray that is Sam's Club on a Saturday morning.

I was hoping that a queen-sized bed would be much larger than a full, but it's only 4-5 inches wider. I slept great last night and didn't want to get out of bed this morning. And now I finally have a room that's 99% done (still need a ceiling fan) and can decorate. woohoo! Those of you who came to G's 40th birthday party last year, may remember this room as the "food room" - big difference now huh?

Last weekend I took a box of beads to the Freret Market for recycling. And wouldn't you know it, while I was up in the attic yesterday I discovered ANOTHER box of beads I didn't know we had. *sigh* If we wanted to take down the economy of China, all we need is for everyone in New Orleans to take all the beads out of their attics and have the krewes reuse them. That would show them.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I knew "This Old House" was renovating a house in the Lower 9th Ward, I just didn't know they started showing the episodes yet. So all of you fans of New Orleans architecture and house renovation, make sure you catch "This Old House" as they renovate and put an addition to the house, plus all the slices of life and historical stuff they like to show as well. They are showing several episodes back to back tonight and I have to snicker as the host act surprised to find under the dry wall, 2-by-4s and insulation, under that wall paper (only one layer?), under that burlap and finally the barge board. Ask anyone who has renovated an old house... we found wood floor under layers of plywood, linoleum and carpet... Cheap paneling over 4 layers of wall paper over paint on the original plaster... it just goes on. It's cute how they gawk at the 12 foot ceilings and all the original details on the house. Those brackets and shutters, yah, they're original.They've seen old houses before, I guess they just ham it up for the viewers? The TV reporter for the T-P gave his review along the lines of his review of K-ville.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I got one of those "quiz" emails the other day an thought "this would be a quick and easy blog post." So here were my answers:

Things You May or May Not Know about Christy (drum roll please)

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Concession stand sales person at a movie theater
2. Slave to the curator at FSU's art gallery
3. Shoe department at JC Penney's (sparked my love of shoes)
4. Asst. Manger of an ice cream parlor

Four movies I would (I do!) watch over and over:
1. This is Spinal Tap
2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
3. Better off Dead
4. The Blues Brothers

Four places I have lived:
1. Florence, Italy
2. Jacksonville, FL
3. Tallahassee, FL
4. New Orleans, LA

Four TV Shows that I watch:
1. House
2. The Simpsons
3. The Office
4. Saints Football

Four places I have been:
1. Whitbey, England
2. Graceland
3. Budapest, Hungary
4. Mont St Michel, France

Four of my favorite foods:
1. grilled cheese sandwich (w/ pickles)
2. sushi
3. BBQ shrimp (New Orleans style that is)
4. Thanksgiving spread (turkey, stuffing, etc.)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Scotland
2. a tropical beach
3. Italy
4. hiking in Utah

Four things I am looking forward to in 2008:
1. My 5yr. wedding anniversary
2. turning 40 (not really but...)
3. this year's hiking trip
4. Jazz Fest

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

First and foremost, in my world... it's MARDI GRAS! It's been a week of parades, dodging parades, king cake, parties and booze. Life returns to "normal" tomorrow.

For the rest of the nation it's Super Tuesday with Presidental primaries.

It is also "World Nutella Day" (mmmmmm, that's some good stuff) and "International Pancake Day".

It's also my good friend Michael's 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Mike! woo woo!

For you New Orleanians out there who are tired of filling your attic with beads and throws, recycle them:

The STRIVE Center at 1139 Napoleon Avenue (between Prytania St. and Magazine St., on the riverside corner), ph. 895-2557 is gratefully accepting EVERYTHING (beads, cups, doubloons, stuffed toys, etc.)!! All you have to do is deliver them during the day (no appointment necessary) and someone inside will help you carry the bags or boxes inside. Items don't have to be sorted.

Note: the STRIVE Center is a sheltered workshop for adult retarded persons in the New Orleans area. They can sort and package the throws and re-sell them, so they are being trained in useful local work, and also making some funds for their organization.

Also, this Saturday the Sierra Club will be collecting beads to recycle at the Freret Market. Come out Saturday, unload some beads, and buy some local food, produce, products and art.