Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pictures You Take When the Other Guy Doesn't Come Up with a Theme

Glenn took the initiative to get the ball rolling this week, when "Cowboy" Dave didn't pony up with an entry last week or a theme for this week.

That said I dug through my archive to find something interesting I hadn't posted before. In solidarity of Glenn's lovely, moody photos, I present these:

I'm very sad to report I killed my camera last weekend at FQ Fest. I dropped it in my beer. I wasn't even drunk, it was my first beer. I was sitting in the grass, chowing down on a duck po-boy from Jaques Imo (drooool). My camera was sitting on my thigh, slid off my leg into my beer. Damn. If that's not bad enough, the camera wasn't even a year old! I bought it last July to replace the camera I killed at JazzFest last year. Next camera's going to be water proof.

When I told my sister this story she asked, "Did you drink the rest of the beer?" Duh! Of course I did!

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