Saturday, April 26, 2008

The rain is really coming down over by us and I'm hearing some thunder. I hope for those at JazzFest today it's clear skies for them but I doubt it. G and I went yesterday and had a grand time. The clouds kept the temps down and there was usually a breeze. We got lightly sprinkled on later in the day but during the last set, the sun was shining. We floated most of the day, catching a little bit of this and little bit of that. And of course eating. The lines for Cochon de Lait were outrageous, so we're saving that for another day. The crawfish sausage po-boy was yummy as was the alligator meat pie. The crawfish meat pie was disappointing -not enuff filling. Crawfish beignets and sacks were delish as always. Beer snobs may have already figured this out but the beer stand over by the Contemporary Arts has Pilsner Urquell on tap. Don't be throw off by the cries of "Miller heraw!"

We are going again Sunday. This time I have serious, pure plastic ponchos for us if it rains. The second Friday last year was miserable because of the deluge - though now the port-o-let story is funny - I have never been so wet in all my life; wetter than soaking in a tub for 2 hours. Hmmm... reviewing last year's JazzFest entry I neglected to tell the whole port-o-let story, so here it is: G needed to use the 'let so we found some with out a line (because everyone was crammed into the tents). I waited for him when it started raining again and raining hard. I jumped into an empty 'let next to the one G was in. It was loud in there with the rain pounding down on the roof. I tired yelling to Greg that I wanted to go home but he couldn't hear me. Thank goodness for cell phones. I rang him up and he agreed that enuff was enuff. Reviewing last year's post I just want to point out that parking at Cabrini has gone up to $30 this year. Thank goodness for our parking spot at our friends' house. When we got back to our car our friends had just returned as well and invited in for a beer. We sat on their porch overlooking Bayou St. John, sipping beer, chatting, watching the traffic and the sun set. Days like this is why us crazy folk continue to live in NOLA. I had a voice message from a friend who called me as she was on her way to Cancun. I texted her back "sorry I missed your call... when you called, I was at Jazzfest, drinking a beer, watching Sheryl Crow." She texted back "I want to be you!"

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