Thursday, April 03, 2008

Uptown, you have us to thank for the recent rain... it's been almost bone dry for weeks - the storm that held up the Zurich Classic was barely a sprinkle over by us. Monday, roofers started replacing our roof. The old shingles are gone, new tar paper is up and there's a big gaping hole covered by a blue tarp in the back. The yard is a mess and so far, only one window has been broken. Getting a new roof is not for the faint of heart. The cats are totally freaked out; they go into hiding as soon as the roofers walk into our yard.

Other house renovation news... drum roll please... we have doorknobs! Those of you who have been over will be glad to know you can now close and lock the water closet door.

In car news, the phantom noise has not returned... yet. I've been shopping for a scooter, but our accountant informs us we owe taxes so no scooter for me. My friend bought a Vespa for $600 and I didn't realize what an amazing bargain that was until I started looking. Dang!

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