Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Part 3 of my car saga. I think my car is possessed. Wednesday I called AAA. The guy tested my battery and it was fine. He thought maybe it was because of the built up corrosion on the terminals. He cleaned the terminals and the clamps off and the car started right up. Another trick to try next time it won't start. I had decided to take it to the Nissan dealer and I was glad I was getting it there on it's own power. We get to the dealership, I tell the guy my story ask him to check the whole engine out not just the squealing noise. When he called me the next day, they found 3 things that for the sum of $1,000 they could fix for me, but none of these would address the noise, the car hadn't made the noise for them yet. I told him my regular mechanic said he would be happy to tell him everything he had tried. I read the repairs Nissan was suggesting to my regular mechanic and he just scoffed at them. He said "tell them to find out what is making that noise!" When I talked to the guy at Nissan Monday the car still had not made the noise. I told him I was coming to get it. I paid $45 for a belt the tightened which was cheaper than th $95 diagnostic fee. He said if the car starts to make the noise again, bring it back to him so they can hear it. I go on my merry way and had to stop for gas. I decided to run my car through the car wash to get the pollen off it. When I pulled out of the car wash to pop my mirrors out there it was...THE noise...The high pitched squeal! *ARGH* At this point, it's 4:00 I'm on Lapalco just down the street from the dealership but I really don't want to go back now. So I continue down Lapalco. I make a left turn on Belle Chasse Hwy and the noise stopped and hasn't happened again. Maybe what ever it is has to be wet. I'm now keeping a diary to track when the noise starts and stops. The car drives fine. I'm happy to have wheels again. I'm still toying with do I put more money into the car and keep it for another few years? Or sell it and get something else? Let's just hope I don't have to post about my car again. Unless it's to sell it. Anyone want to buy a 1996 Nissan Maxima? Low mileage, mystery squeal.

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Dr. A said...

Hey Christy,
Get a new car! That's what I would do....sounds like you are starting to have problems every week....and it will probably continue.
$1000?! Yikes! Those dealerships!

Hope the roof is coming along!