Friday, January 18, 2008

Without meaning to, I participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge, started by Dave and Glenn. I had shot the cemetery across the street from my office one foggy night just when the subject, cemeteries, had been announced. Looking at all the entries made me think back to all the cemeteries I had visited in the past. One of the coolest had to be Whitbey in England. It's the cemetery in "Dracula" and it's super cool. I share a couple of those with you here.

You have to walk up 199 steps from the town to a ancient church and the cemetery that is situated on a cliff overhanging the city and the sea. We read that every once in a while, a chunk of the cliff will fall into the sea, taking graves with them. In the distance is a ruined abby.

A shot taken at the Abby.

Next week's subject is "bar room." I think I can handle that.

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