Saturday, January 19, 2008

The plants can freeze. Too cold to go outside. Not too cold the clean the house and blog!

When my friend Dorie can to visit earlier this month, I took her on the disaster tour and we ended in the Lower 9th Ward. Brad Pitt's Pink Project houses were still up. I think the coolest part for me was the observation deck. Nice idea Brad. (click to see my photos) Dorie was sort of a wreck after the tour and the pink houses were a nice diversion. Dinner at Ignatius with beers served "camp street style" were the perfect remedy to lift our spirits after the tour.

My last tour was last year around Jazz Fest. It's mind blowing how many houses have been torn down. That's the current sign of progress here. Everyday it seems I'm driving down a street and there's an empty lot where once a house stood.

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