Tuesday, February 05, 2008

First and foremost, in my world... it's MARDI GRAS! It's been a week of parades, dodging parades, king cake, parties and booze. Life returns to "normal" tomorrow.

For the rest of the nation it's Super Tuesday with Presidental primaries.

It is also "World Nutella Day" (mmmmmm, that's some good stuff) and "International Pancake Day".

It's also my good friend Michael's 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Mike! woo woo!

For you New Orleanians out there who are tired of filling your attic with beads and throws, recycle them:

The STRIVE Center at 1139 Napoleon Avenue (between Prytania St. and Magazine St., on the riverside corner), ph. 895-2557 is gratefully accepting EVERYTHING (beads, cups, doubloons, stuffed toys, etc.)!! All you have to do is deliver them during the day (no appointment necessary) and someone inside will help you carry the bags or boxes inside. Items don't have to be sorted.

Note: the STRIVE Center is a sheltered workshop for adult retarded persons in the New Orleans area. They can sort and package the throws and re-sell them, so they are being trained in useful local work, and also making some funds for their organization.

Also, this Saturday the Sierra Club will be collecting beads to recycle at the Freret Market. Come out Saturday, unload some beads, and buy some local food, produce, products and art.

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