Friday, February 22, 2008

This week's Weekly Photo Challenge topic is "slogan" and and the first slogan that popped into my head was the one for the New Orleans gas/meat station Wagner's. Which brings to mind other slogans of other local businesses... like...

"No Credit? You got to see the special man." "Let'er have it" "I say I say I say" LINK (with the new special man)

Not a slogan but a great product name "Boudreaux's Butt Paste"


kyklops said...

Great stuff! Reminds me of home: "tastes like mama's!"

candy sue said...

oh, the poor new "special man." I mean, it's impossible to fill that 10-gallon hat, you know? Hurrah for Wagner's Meat!

Dave said...

Oh, but have you seen the even newer spots with the special woman? She is one sassy lady.

I used to have one of those Wagner's bumper stickers on my truck. I don't miss the truck so much, but I miss that sticker. They also had one that said "You can't pass Wagner's gas."

Leigh C. said...

Rosenberg's, Rosenberg's,
1825 Too-lane!

Saw a vintage looking bag with the Rosenberg's little girl on it the other day and I've had that in my head ever since.

Also, there was a fun "New Orleans Levee" picture that speculated what things would be like if the Superdome got corporate sponsorship like one of those other stadiums out there in other places: it had a giant Wagner's bumper sticker over the Dome that could be fully seen from the air. Great view for those in the Goodyear blimp!