Thursday, February 07, 2008

I knew "This Old House" was renovating a house in the Lower 9th Ward, I just didn't know they started showing the episodes yet. So all of you fans of New Orleans architecture and house renovation, make sure you catch "This Old House" as they renovate and put an addition to the house, plus all the slices of life and historical stuff they like to show as well. They are showing several episodes back to back tonight and I have to snicker as the host act surprised to find under the dry wall, 2-by-4s and insulation, under that wall paper (only one layer?), under that burlap and finally the barge board. Ask anyone who has renovated an old house... we found wood floor under layers of plywood, linoleum and carpet... Cheap paneling over 4 layers of wall paper over paint on the original plaster... it just goes on. It's cute how they gawk at the 12 foot ceilings and all the original details on the house. Those brackets and shutters, yah, they're original.They've seen old houses before, I guess they just ham it up for the viewers? The TV reporter for the T-P gave his review along the lines of his review of K-ville.

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