Thursday, September 27, 2007

A little Miss Mae's update for those who care... I obviously shot this out my open car window. I could smell the wet smokiness (fire smoke not stale cigs) as I sat waiting for the light to turn green. There was a hand lettered sign posted by the open back door "closed due to fire."

I wonder if they will take this opportunity to fix the place up a bit? I've only stepped foot in there once so it doesn't really matter to me. Guy's Po Boys on Magazine had a fire a couple of months ago. When I drove by a few days ago they had a sign that said "2 weeks" and you could tell they have really spiffed the place up. I used to live catty corner from Guy's and it didn't have much ambiance before - dirty white walls, big open room. Now it looks like there is color on the wall and artsy blue glass drop lights. Most places in New Orleans are resistance to change, but really, a lot of places are just plain dumpy. I loved the old Cafe Atchafalya on Louisiana, the food that is, but it was like sitting in your grandmother's kitchen that hadn't been touched in 30 years. Even upstairs where you dreaded being sat, is cozy now.

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Pistolette said...

"but it was like sitting in your grandmother's kitchen that hadn't been touched in 30 years."

I love those dumpy old New Orleans places! I am bummed that Guy's looks all yuppie chic now. The nicotine walls and sticky floors *are* cozy to me. When they do all that "modernizing" it just looks like every other Pottery Barned cafe in the country :-( If Ms Mae's does granite countertops and starts selling $20 martinis I will be soooo depressed.

I don't think I was in the old Cafe Atchafalaya. I went to it a few months ago to try, and while the food was pretty good the service was possibly the slowest I've EVER had in Nola.