Sunday, September 23, 2007

After I posted yesterday's pictures G cleaned up. Here you can see new floor without all the stuff on it. The dark wood is bamboo and G's sneaky... the bamboo flooring isn't under the carpet but it has the illusion of an area rug. The rug is from Flor, modular carpet tile. He laid both the bamboo floor and rug on top of the old wood floor.

Hana checks the new rug out.

And this is what G did today - installed the wood panels. This is taken from the same angle as the photo above. The bed will go directly in front of this. Which means soon we can go shopping for a new bed - woohoo!

G also made an area rug for the dining room with Flor tiles.

This line is called "House pet" and Hana LOVES it. She likes to pick a square, like she is here, and hangs out in to. Gonzo does it too - if we get a few more cats, we could play cat chess!

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