Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Issac part 2

Been trying to stay busy and work on my photo album from my wedding. We got married in 2003. Better late than never. But I can't sit still. Rain has stopped but wind still blowing with gusts.

It's pretty hot and sticky so I opened the door on our side porch that's covered to get some air movement.

G walked around to check house. Looking good. Here's a shot of him securing our gate. You can see the downed power line hanging off the dumpster. Glad we moved our cars otherwise the line would have fallen on them.

Bad flooding south of us but no reports of any major flooding in the city. I highly recommend solar powered stuff. We have 2 radios and this phone charger. Works good during the day. City is now under dusk to dawn curfew and we've been asked to limit flushing due to sewerage issues. Water is fine.

I'm keeping in the loop on WWL radio, and Twitter. Signing off for now.

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