Friday, August 31, 2012

Issac Aftermath part 2

Got mail delivered today. Was hoping trash would be picked up but no. Power still out but saw trucks around. Walked up Magazine Street to Jefferson-no power. PJ's had iced coffee so we both got one and walked back home. Our neighbor Bill left a copy of today's paper for us.

Cleaned the yard up and the house. Leaves everywhere. And hung the towels we used to sop up water blown through windows up to dry. Our friend Dr. A invited us to come hang out at her office that had AC. We really needed that. I even fell asleep sitting in the chair! So tired and the heat really saps your energy.

Got home to the past three days of newspapers on our steps. Now resting comfortably at our cousins' who have power. Looking forward to a good, cool night's sleep. Reading the Twitter posts more power has been restored even in the past few hours! As we're we leaving our neighbor pulled up. He had just returned from Baton Rouge to buy a generator. Now I know our power will get restored soon!!

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