Thursday, September 09, 2010

Uptown Flash Flood

This morning started out beautiful and clear. Sometime around 2:00 it started to rain. And it continued to rain. Then harder. And harder. Lots of thunder. I check the radar, and there was just a red dot sitting over Uptown not moving. I decide to stick my head out the door of my office and check on my car. Mine was OK but then a neighbor ran up saying my business partner should move hers. She couldn't open the driver's side door because water would get in if she did, so she crawled in through the hatchback. I ended up having to move my car a few feet because of the dip by the curb.

No wake zone please!

You could tell one the pumps were on because there was a current flowing down the street. You can sort of see it in the video.

Watching the water rise.

The kayaks might be a little over the top.

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haute chocolate said...

oh my! girl i think everyone cringes when it RAINS in new orleans. it doesn't take much to flood. glad you ladies got through it. :)