Sunday, July 26, 2009

There hasn’t been everything out of City Hall regarding recycle in a while. There was the survey they did back in April 2008 I blogged about here and here.

Before that T-P did this article November 2007 about how the City's 2008 budget was not going to include recycling.

[Veronica] White said that, in light of other pressing needs, the city cannot afford recycling, too.
"I need to have money to recycle," she said.

Midura said she realizes that the city's recycling program, like most across the country, never drew enough participation to generate sufficient savings in landfill disposal costs to cover its own expenses. But she said the city still should provide the service because of its environmental benefits, even if City Hall has to subsidize it.

At what point are the landfills so full and costly that recycling is a cost saving measure?

I cough up my $14 monthly fee so the Phoenix recycling will come pickup my paper and plastic. They stopped collecting glass last year, which is really annoying. STD offers curb-side recycle for a fee, and I now learn from Gambit that there is yet another company offering it, The Pooh Bah Group.

Pooh Bah is cheaper than Phoenix, only $10 a month. I sort of want to continue to support the first company who started a recycling program post-K but I could save $48 a year. What I want to know is how can 3 competing companies offer curbside recycling if there’s no money in it???? I don’t understand.

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