Monday, March 10, 2008

If recycling matters to you, listen up.

On page A-26 of Sunday's T-P there was a "Recycling Survey" by the City of NO Dept of Sanitation. You have the option of 1) cutting out, filling out and mailing in the survey in the paper, 2) calling 311 or 3) "completing" it on-line.

I, of course, decided to complete it on-line. Going to the city's web site, you have to figure out how to navigate to the Sanitation section. Which is here. Once there, you can't exactly complete the survey on-line, all you can do is download a PDF of the survey, which you then have to print, stamp and mail. I guess I'll try calling 311 and see how that goes. Seems like they could make it a little easier. Fax? E-mail? Hello?

And have you noticed on the home page of the city's website site says off to the right hand side:

The City of New Orleans is currently updating
our website to better serve our citizens and
businesses. We apologize that some content may not be current
while we build our new site
No, really?

UPDATE: I called 311 and it took less than 1 minute. And I spoke to a human being. Will my comments go the way of all the properties I listed with the Good Neighbor program? *snort*


Nola said...

Funny. I was on the City's website today and was all confused over what the difference was between "Department of Revenue" and "Department of Treasury." I went with Revenue and it turned put I needed to call and get what I needed. that website sooo needs to be updated!!

Thanks for the heads up.

Cait said...

We complained to the city about blights in our neighborhood. Nada. Zip.

Thanks, Mayor Nagin. You ROCK.

P.S. It's looking like this FSU club thing might happen after all.

NOLA Cleophatra said...

Cait, the best thing to do about blight is let Stacey Head know. Blight is a big issue with her. I plan on photographing the blighted houses and sending them to her. Picture's worth 1,000 words...

FSU club? Our football watching club at the Rendezvous? F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E. Florida State! Florida State! WOOOO!

Cait said...

Oh, everyone in the DNA has been practically stalking poor Stacy. ;)