Sunday, February 01, 2009

St. Charles at Louisiana Update

There's been some action on this corner. The crappy Exxon that never reopened after Katrina has been on the market and the building is being torn down.

A year ago I did a post when the video store/deli was being torn down. The lot has been cleared and leveled but that's about it.

The Borders Bookstore opened recently after an extensive gut and build out in the former Bultman Funeral home. It looks nice from the outside, I haven't been inside yet. I'm torn between having a bookstore within walking distance that is a chain, (and serve Seattle's Best Coffee) or driving to Octavia books, a local bookseller.

In just a few weeks parades will be rolling past here. The empty lot(s) could be prime party areas if they don't get fenced off.

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"Just David!" said...

Bultman's is now Borders, that's just wrong. I used to live on La Ave right past Prytania, I miss NOLA!!