Friday, January 30, 2009

I was shocked and surprised to read today's headline in the T-P that Inspector General Cerasoli quit due to health reasons. I hope his health returns to the better soon and thank him for all he's done and has tried to do. He had to work against great odds and resistance from City Hall. Cerasoli is from Boston, another town known for government corruption. The article says "One main goal has just been to simply identify the entity that is the city of New Orleans, " Cerasoli said. "Nobody can give you an organizational chart." I bet there are a ton of people on the payroll who are unnessary and know that they are but keep mum. I hope we can hire another person willing to go up against Nagin and his crew. On the bright side, we are saddled with Nagin for only one more year and I have hope we can elect someone who will clean City Hall up.

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