Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A few weeks ago, I did a post about my car being in the shop and that I was considering a new car. Well. I got my car back that Friday $700 poorer but with a new Intake Manifold, belts, spark plugs. The following weekend was the Irish Channel Parade so my car didn't move all weekend. Monday when I started to leave for work I heard a horrible dragging sound. I stopped the car and a woman walking down the sidewalk pointed to the front of my car. I hop out and what looks to be a milk crate is now wedged under my car. The guys painting the house across the street came over, jacked my car up and extracted the crate. I was pissed. I drove the car with the radio off and windows down to listen for any sounds. One sound I did hear was the high pitched squealing I just paid $700 to fix! So I went to my mechanic, told him the noise was not fixed and to check out my front end for possible damage. He had my car for four days, trying a number of things. He told me every time he'd do something, the noise would stop, but then return later. He admitted he was stumped, said I should probably take it to the dealer and refunded my money for the Intake Manifold since they had misdiagnosed the problem. I was shocked - a mechanic, admitting fault and refunding my money. He said he thought it was safe to drive but said I should take it to the mechanic sooner rather then later. The beauty of my mechanic is he is two blocks from my office. I can drop it off and walk to work. With the dealer I need to coordinate with G to drive there with me. I drove the car a few times this weekend and to work Monday with no problem. This morning I got in turned the key... nothing. I tried some of the tricks from the past - turn the steering wheel, put in the car in and out of gear, wiggled the connectors on the battery, nothing worked. I was so frustrated and fed up. I decided I am not going to deal with it today. Who knows, may it will start right up tomorrow. Maybe not but I'll be expecting to deal with it. I can call Triple A and have it towed - but where? My regular mechanic is stumped. Some one recommend Donald on Tchoupitulas. Or should I go to the Nissan dealership? Whatever I decide I've definitely decided I'm tired of dealing with this car.

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Cait said...

I'm sorry to hear about your car...we're currently going through something similar with D.'s car - I swear to God, it's the car from hell. :(

Best of luck with whatever you decide...:)