Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is the time of the year when the weather here gets wonky. We had a gorgeous weekend - clear, dry, sunny skies. Monday we got soaked, 8" of rain in my part of town. Thankfully one of my office mates called me and told me I needed to move my car because the street was flooding. The water was up to the bottom of the doors-just in time! It smells a little funky but drives fine. Tuesday a front came through and we were in the 50s! One day you have to put on the A/C, the next day the heat. Today it's beautiful again, clear and in the 60s. I had to go dig out some "winter" clothes, especially shoes since all I've been wearing the last 6 month has been sandals.
Joe Heller, Wisconsin -- The Green Bay Press-Gazette

Sometimes it's strange to live in a part of the country where lack of water is not an issue. Atlanta and surrounding areas are facing a "water crisis" and fear they will run out of water in 3 months. Southern California sure could use 8" of rain right now. We here in gulf south feel sympathy towards everyone in SoCal dealing with the fires and evacuations. A friend in LA has been in San Fran on business and his wife and daughter have joined him. His parents get conflicting reports as to whether or not their cabin in the mountains has or has not burned down. One of the worst things about events like this is the lack of communication and all the miscommunication; I learned not to trust the media following Katrina. My sister, who lives in Hollywood, has been in Iowa (or is Idaho?) for the last few weeks for work so she's thankfully missing out on all the drama. NOLA blogger Editor B posts a chilling email from a friend of his from San Diego. When we were in SanFran last year, it was the 100th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and there were signs and billboards everywhere prompting people to make sure their "disaster kit" was ready. Disaster kits ain't just for hurricanes and earthquakes y'all. I was about the use my hurricane stash of bottled water, but after Monday's deluge, decided I better not. We didn't lose power and the water supply was fine but... you never know next time.

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