Friday, September 01, 2006

Annoying Telemarketer calls from Sprint/Nextel

My cell phone (yes, I now have a cell phone) is with Sprint. A week ago I started to get a phone call, every day around the same time from 866-463-3020. I would hit ignore, but after it went on for a week I was getting annoyed. So I typed the number into Google and discovered this great web site WhoCalledUs.

People post comments about the calls. I learned that it was a sales call from Sprint/Nextel. I also learned how to block calls! The site said:
  1. to block incoming cell calls do this: send text message.
  2. in the TO: (type the number or email address you want blocked)
  3. in the Message: type the letter b then a space then the number or text address you want blocked (example) b 8885551212
  4. then send. your phone should you verification that you want to block. click yes. Number is now blocked.
I didn't get a verification option but the next day no phone call! It worked! However, only to start getting calls from a different number: 866-463-3020. Once again I typed it into Google and yep, it's Sprint/Nextel again. Other people have reported that the same thing happened to them. The answer they get from Sprint is they apologize and "are looking into it." We'll see what happens once I block this number. Someone had posted this:

I've written a complaint to Sprint/Nextel public affairs and encourage anyone who reads this to do the same. Her reply was.

"Thank you for your message. The 800 number you referenced is a number that Sprint had been using for some outreach to customers and we are eliminating the number in the course of improving our processes. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your input.

Jennifer Walsh
Jennifer Walsh Kiefer

Sprint Nextel Public Affairs

6200 Sprint Parkway
KSOPHF0102 - 1B400

Overland Park, KS 66251
Tel: 913-794-2950

PCS: 816-305-7795


So I sent Ms. Walsh an email expressing my displeasure. I got an auto response she is out of the office but to call her PCS... it's tempting, to bug her on her Labor Day holiday. If I block the second number and still get phone calls then I'll do.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting these calls too. They won't go away

Tony said...

I been getting these calls for about 2 weeks now, and the only time I answered when the called my at 8:40pm, they just hung up on me. I sent a message to Sprint from their website after getting 3 more calls the next day before it was even 1:30pm, and so far have not received any more calls from that number. I hope the calls will now stop for good, and not just a break because it is the weekend.

NOLA Cleophatra said...

For me, these calls have stopped. I blocked the second number but I did got one more call from it after but that was it. Around that time I also got something in the mail from Sprint telling hope to op out of marketing stuff. I think I was able to do it through thier webite.