Monday, September 16, 2013

Rising Tide 8

I attended another Rising Tide this year and it has inspired me to blog more. The New Orleans blog sphere that rose up after Katrina has settled down with many of the people, myself included, blogging less or not at all. It's always nice to see the people I used to read almost daily. Plus the conference always has good content, a great lunch and refreshments.* A bargain at only $20 a ticket.

This year I spent most of my time in "Tech School" to brush up on my blogging and on-line presence. I learned some new stuff that I'm looking forward to trying. My friend Addie from Culicurious was on the second panel and did a great job. The biggest take away was just dooooo iiiiiit.

Gen. Honore, the keynote speaker, gave a rousing speech about Louisiana's disappearing wet lands, unfair and illegal practices by the oil companies, and the politicians who take money from oil companies and don't hold them accountable. He told us to work to change things, if not for ourselves, for our children, even if it meant engaging in civil disobedience. He was also quite funny but whenever his gaze came my way I felt the need to sit up straight and say "yes sir!"

There will be video of the conference soon, once it's been edited. Uptown Messenger live blogged some of the conference. I high recommend checking out the video once it's out. Video of past conference is available on the web site. I missed the tourism panel but I heard it got rather heated.

*Only in New Orleans is there a keg at a conference I bet.


Addie K Martin said...

It was such a good conference. I wish I'd stayed until the end but I was exhausted. Good to see you there. :)

And thanks for the shout out! ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it! True, people at seminars and conferences can be a but stuffy, but alcohol is not entirely rare. Later this month is the Louisiana Civil Engineering Conference at the Pontchartrain Center and they always have an Icebreaker Social at the end of the first day with not only beer, but a fully-stocked open bar. Essayons!



adrastos said...

I really hope you do blog. The blogging community ain't what it used to be including the current organizers.