Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come on September!

Ugh August. I hate August. Thank gawd it's almost over. A crazy month with the East Coast getting a one-two punch of an earthquake followed by Hurricane Irene. Here in New Orleans we are in a drought, in spite of the fact it rained every freaking day in July, but hardly at all in August. And we are also on day three of a marsh fire burning out of control in NO East. The city was blanketed in smoke today. Makes me cranky, super cranky. So it's time to look back over to some of the good time in August - go to a happy place if you will.

I think it's saying something that I didn't do a post for 08-29-11 the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. But I think that was because of all the above distractions. I came across this graphic on Tumblr - very nice.

The husband and I always do something to mark this day. One year we drank a nice bottle of wine we bought in CA that we had been saving. This year we went to dinner at Coquette, a wonderful French inspired restaurant in our 'hood.

The annual Rising Tide Conference was this weekend. It just gets better every year. And it's great to see all folks we've met thanks to the blogsphere. I did miss the annual group proclamation of FYYFF. Very cathardic to yell that with a whole room full of people. After the conference I got all pink and sparkly and joined my Pussyfooters sisters for the Mid-Summer Mardi Gras. Something else I can cross off my New Orleans Bucket List. It was fun but dammit was hot. A full day of stuff to remind me why I live here. Sunday I had drinks with a friends who was visiting from out of town and one of them asked me a question along the lines of "have you ever thought of living somewhere else?" Yes of course I've day dreamed about living other places. I was in NYC earlier this month and I was ready to not come home. I think I gave him a look of horror though based on how he back peddled and tried to clarify what he was trying to say. That probably wouldn't have happen two days earlier when I would have yelled "YES and get me the hell out of here."

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sassyuptownchic said...

Christy, i'm about to fall out my chair laughing. Girl, I can picture you saying all of that. HaHa But seriously I'm with you regarding the month of August. I dread it every year. Its the height of hurricane season. So far we've been truly blessed. I continuously pray. It's horrible to see what's going on in Vermont. August 29th has gotten better for me as well. I was a little solemn, but kept busy doing other things to keep it off my mind. That's a great idea to do something fun on that day! Go you and Greg! Sounds yummy! I can't wait until Fall. Cooler weather is needed. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Pussyfooters. They always have fun! Dressing up head to toe, parading, dancing and doing different things for the community. What a great organization! Glad you got involved. I've had the same question presented to me. Like NOTHING ever happens in other cities! Hurricanes are now going to New York and the Carolina's! Flooding in Vermon! Anywhere you go there is something. But new orleans people are survivors, if we have to break out the gas masks for this marsh fire we shall do that too! LOL Have a great evening girl! :)