Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Krewe du Vieux 2011

G and I are in Krewe of PAN and sub-Krewe of Krewe du Vieux and our parade was Saturday. Unlike the huge super-krewe who pay professionals to make their floats and costumes we all do it all ourselves. Our theme this year was "S'il Vous Played" and everyone costumed as a huckster, sham artist, what have you. There were several meter maids, garbage collection agencies, corrupt politicians, card sharks and mimes. The crowds this year were huge! Probably because the weather was mild. It's usually freezing cold for our parade.

I was a fortune teller.

Our float. The hands were motorized.

G as a politician.
A great video of us appears on YouTube:

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haute chocolate said...

How Awesome! I never saw this video. The crowds are so close to the parade and walking krewe's. HaHaHa Good times! =)