Friday, January 28, 2011

Party with a Purpose Blush Ball is tomorrow night!

Wow. It's been a VERY busy January gearing up for the Blush Ball. Weekly dance rehearsals, shopping for costume accesssories, creating the decorations to make the big black hole that is the Howlin' Wolf all pink and sparkly and FUN. Sending out email blasts and Tweets. Marketing meetings. Spamming my friends on Facebook. Selling ball tickets and raffle tickets. As usual I have over committed myself. LOL! But the payoff should be worth it. Ticket sales have been very strong. Our goal was "over 60" items for the raffle, we have around 175! And some really amazing stuff too. Gift certificates for restaurants, bars, spas and salons. I personally got gift certificates from Katy Beh Contemporary Jewelry, Lakeside Shopping Center, Finn McCool's and Mid-City Yacht Club plus some tickets to the 610 Stomper's Ball next week (thanks everyone!).

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for Metropolitan Center for Women & Children. We may actually EXCEED that figure. I got to create a BIG fake CHECK to present to Metro.

Big @ss check!

The Pussyfooters colors are pink, orange and silver and they are all about being sparkly. I didn't own anything pink before joining but not I own a TON of stuff. Claire's Boutique is a good source for pink and sparkly. Fake nails, glitter pink lip gloss and eye shadow, pink gloves and sparkly earrings. It's been fun getting in touch with my inner 12 year old girl. LOL. And I've met some great ladies.

Is it pink? check. Does it Sparkle? check.
I'm very exciting, and feeling a little (OK a lot) overwhelmed by tomorrow. A bunch of us are showing up at the venue at 9am to clean and decorate. Then I have to go home, get dressed, go back around 7pm for dress rehearsal. And THEN the party begins! OY! I'm not planning on doing much of anything Sunday. Just relaxing. And trying to wash all the glitter off me.

UPDATE: We raised $14,000 for METRO!


haute chocolate said...

I'm SUPER excited for you Christy!!! You have worked really hard and you're going to have a great time. I can't wait to see the pics. Enjoy, have fun and what a great cause! You're such a role model!!! =)

NOLA Cleophatra said...

We raised $14,000!!! Well exceeding our goal!