Monday, March 08, 2010

Saints Update

610 Stompers

The Saints have been Superbowl Champions for one month and about 14 hours, 16 minutes. The feel good after glow has not warn off. I heard "Halftime" (aka Get Crunk) for the first time since Mardi Gras at the Big Easy Roller Girls bout Saturday. I had grown sick of the song after hearing it over and over. The 610 Stompers were half time entertainment and did part of their routine to the song. The whole crowd on the New Orleans side jumped up and started singing and dancing along, myself included. My friends and I yelled ourselves hoarse. I hope the fans from Arkansas (the opposing team was the Arkansas Killbillies) were amused by our Stompers and the crowd's reaction.

CityBusiness reports on the "Saintsaintional Impact" the win has had on New Orleans. (Thanks to Humid Being for having the whole article.)

Of course now is the NFL draft and everyone is waiting to see who is staying with the Saints and who is going. A surprise was Scott Fujita signing with the Cleveland Browns. Going from the Superbowl winners to a team who went 5-11 last year. Wow. A surprise since Fujita always talks about how much he loves New Orleans. But of course, money talks louder. Maybe he hopes he can help the Cleveland become a turn around team/city, sort of like NOLA.

Some guy named Mike Polk made two videos, self proclaimed "hastily made Cleveland tourism videos." They are hilarious. I was going to embed them, but the maker's comments are priceless.

Attempt #1
Attempt #2

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Leigh C. said...

"Our economy is based on Lebron James."


The second one is definitely better. Oh, that is too funny.