Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Police concert tapped into some memories that were old and musty. I poked around on this morning looking for former friends with little luck. Classmates was cool when it first came out, and it was free. Now, you have to buy a membership to post anything or see anything, and even though you're paying for the service, you get bombarded by ads! Next I pulled out my yearbooks from junior high. Oh boy... I remember us all thinking we were all that but we were just babies! So many people I haven't thought of in years. And some I thought "who IS that? I don't remember being friends with them." And some I'd rather not be reminded of. I am still in touch with some people from back then, as well as Tanya, my friend since 2nd grade. It is amazing how many people pass through our lives.

It was harder back then to be the world's biggest (insert band name here) fan. You have to work hard to find obscure recordings, magazine interviews and personal tidbits. "I didn't know that about Sting. But did you know Stewart..." Today with the Internet, you just go to the band's web site and/or Myspace page and viola! It's all there for you. I've been boning up on my Police trivia reading interviews on their website. I've been sucked in.

It's time I drag myself away for a while and think about other things. Next weekend Greg and I are going Milwaukee for a family reunion. I get to engulf him with my relatives for a change. I need to buy a new digital camera. I need to find cool thing to do while we are up there. Any suggestions? There's got to be a beer museum, yes? Eat German food is on the list. And visit the art museum. I need to do laundry and pack.

Today it's hot so I'm inside on the computer (duh!) and was playing catch up on some NOLA bloggers. I'd like to point your attention to Maitri's VatulBlog - she's has had some great posts lately. Especially some insightful comments on the whole "below sea level" issue-she's a geologist and knows her stuff and slams a recent editorial proclaiming New Orleans should not be rebuilt.

I'm still giddy from Police overload to really write anything meaningful. babble.


Maitri said...

D is from Wisconsin and lived in Milwaukee for a while. He recommends the Miller Brewery Tour and a tour of the tour of the Pabst Mansion.

You and I have been doing some similar things lately, like looking up old classmates, going to the Police concert and making a Simpsons avatar.

And SO glad to see you blogging. You're on my blogroll!

Maitri said...

I meant a tour of the Pabst mansion, not a tour of the tour. "And on your left you see people standing in line while to your right more tourists stare in awe at the armchair of ..."

D also suggests the Safehouse bar at 779 North Front St.

adrastos said...

They have a lot of cheese up there I hear. Isn't City Hall made of bratwurst or have I been misinformed?