Saturday, June 30, 2007

I can't believe it!

After all these years I am FINALLY going to see The Police live in concert!!!!! I was a huge Police fan back in the day. When their tour came to Jacksonville, I asked my mother "Mom, Can I go see the Police in concert?" She gave me an odd look and asked "Why would you want to see a bunch of cops sing?" I quickly filled her in and she herself became a fan of their music. Unfortunately, the tickets sold out too fast. I was sooooo crushed! (I was in junior high after all). I think it was the "Ghost in the Machine" tour but I'm not sure. I was able to get ticket to the Foreigner concert around that same time. Boy was that totally cheezy. I think only Styx's concert was cheesier. There wasn't much else to do in Jacksonville at that age - go to concerts or rollarskating.

Anyway... I almost didn't get to go again. Tickets went on sale and the "cheap" ($50 plus Ticketbastard's $15 fee) went fast as did the not as cheap $90+fees but still not the $200+fees most expensive tickets . Greg and I just couldn't justify spending over $400 on a concert. Plus, the tickets went on sale during JazzFest and our cash went to that. So I accepted the truth. I can't wait to see what they are going to charge for t-shirts.

Well... about a month ago I was getting my hair cut when my hairdresser/friend, Jeanne, took a phone call. She was talking to a friend about the upcoming Police concert and Jeanne said she's find someone to buy her two extra tickets. As soon as she hung up the phone I asked her "You have to tickets to the Police you needs to sell? How much? I'll take them!" I still didn't really believe it. I didn't become real until Friday morning I was reading the paper and saw the ad "The Police in concert New Orleans, June 29." I'm going to be there! Yahoo!

So... Scott and Kristen came into town from Baton Rouge last night to go out with us and some others, they stayed over, then drove back to Baton Rouge this morning. I drove over to Jeanne's this morning after they left to pick up the tickets. I was about 1/2 way to her house when she calls "Do you know anyone who might want the tickets to the two seats next to you?" I told her I'd make some phone calls and see her in a few minutes. I called Scott and Kristen - they were still on the road back to Baton Rouge. "Would you guys want to see the Police? The two tickets next to us are available." Of course they said yes. So they will be drive back to New Orleans tonight for the show.

Crazy how things work out sometimes. Can you say "Synchronicity?"

Synchronicity I

With one breath, with one flow
You will know

A sleep trance, a dream dance,
A shared romance,

A connecting principle,
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible.
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectible
Yet nothing is invincible.

If we share this nightmare
Then we can dream
Spiritus mundi.

If you act, as you think,
The missing link,

We know you, they know me

A star fall, a phone call,
It joins all,

It's so deep, it's so wide
Your inside

Effect without a cause
Sub-atomic laws, scientific pause

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