Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I wish I had better noted the day-to-day events and changes in the Post-K world. It would read something like: Monday - "traffic light out at Napoleon and Freret." Thursday - "Traffic light at Nap and Freret working again- yeah!" Monday "ARGH! Traffic light at Nap and Freret blinking again"

Our big news today - are you ready? After dinner G comes to get me - "The street light is working again!" I reply "What?!? No way!" and rush to the front of the house to see it for my own eyes. Yep. Sometime in November, I think, the street light stopped working. I thought I should call someone but who and why? The city is broke and we need the streets and water mains fixed first. But we have light once again. We are the lucky one. Parts of the city suffer black outs or STILL do not have power. And water pressure is always hit or miss. Still only weekly garbage pick-up. No recycling. We still only have 3 or 4 hospitasl in operation within the city limits. Mail is much better but still a lot goes missing. We are receiving magazines but it usually requires several phone calls to get them to start mailing again. Oh, and the FEMA "trailer park" behind our house? People finally moved in some time in March. People get trailers ($80,000 per trailer to buy and install) for 18 months AFTER THE DISASTER-not 18 month since they finally got to move into the dang thing. So "supposedly" February 2007 all these trailers will be gone. Like Cinderella and the pumpkin at midnight? FEMA can't get their act together and I'm sure they will extended the deadline like they always do.

What else... oh yeah Jazz Fest was spectacular! Hope you come for next year.

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